Danny Cowart – President & CEO

Danny Cowart brings 13 years of experience to Brandi’s Hope in delivering quality supports/services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Danny has a Master’s Degree in Education and is involved in continuous professional development via conferences, webinars, and university level courses keeping current with best practice in the field.

Danny is a current or former member on the following boards and committees: The Mississippi Deaf/Blind Advisory Council; The Department of Mental Health Strategic Planning Committee and Mississippi APSE. Danny maintains membership with the American Network of Community Options and Resources and the Arc of Mississippi.

Danny has served as Support Coordination Director for one of the five state regions in Mississippi for the ID/DD Medicaid Waiver Program. He was responsible for the monitoring of all Wavier Services in southwest Mississippi. Danny was CEO Millcreek Community Services where He was responsible for service delivery to 500 families throughout Mississippi.

For almost ten years he and his wife Brenda received services/supports for their daughter Brandi Erin Cowart. Brandi was born with Trisomy 18 a rare and fatal chromozonal disorder. They were determined to give her the opportunity to live at home and have a typical life.

His experiences and training aid Danny in bringing a global and unique perspective to helping individuals with disabilities and their families develop meaningful daily routines.

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