Brandi’s Hope Individuals in Natchez are treated to a “VIP” police car ride.

On September 10th 2014, the Concordia Parish Sherriff’s office in Vidalia Louisiana gave the individuals at Brandi’s Hope in Natchez a “VIP joy ride” through the city. A relationship with the individuals and the sheriff’s office developed after some of the officers started ordering casseroles from the individuals very own casserole business, Comfort Cooking Casserole Crew. A few of the individuals every month put together a shopping list for ingredients for their casseroles, then shop for them their selves. They then make the casseroles and deliver them throughout their community to people who have ordered them. A few of the employees at the Concordia Parish Sherriff’s Office heard about the individuals casseroles and started ordering them. The office fell in love instantly with the individuals and have since went out of their way to show them a good time when they come visit. On their very first delivery, Chief Deputy David Hedricks gave the individuals each a badge and a shirt as well as take them in the court room to meet the judge. Hedricks then got with Amy McCarthy, who works in the office, to set up the police car ride surprise. When the individuals arrived at the Sherriff’s office, Sherriff Kenneth Hedrick met with the individuals and told them about what they had in store for their evening. He gave them each a badge and then gave them their own individual ride. The sheriff’s office even had officers blocking all the red lights from the old Vidalia Courthouse all the way to the Mississippi River Bridge. The individuals were even allowed to work the lights and sirens, and loved every minute of their non-stop joy ride through the city.